Did you like the Harry Potter series? Love Paulo Coelho's best-seller The Alchemist? Well, now get ready to go deeper into the mystery of alchemy, the ancient art from which these stories were drawn. In this website I offer you an introduction to my work and a glimpse into the the Royal Art. Here you will find some wonderful examples of alchemical writing, great images and steps to begin your alchemical journey! 

Alchemy has a long tradition dating back thousands of years. It is commonly thought to be a magical art of changing lead into gold.  While alchemy was the first laboratory science, it also has a spiritual aspect. It works on all levels: body, mind and soul. With the work of the Swiss psychiatrist C. G. Jung alchemy entered into the psychological realm where it provides a "map of consciousness" that helps with human personality development.

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My work focuses on demystifying this ancient art and creating practical applications that aid in personality development and organizational emergence. Alchemical psychology is about changing the lead of unconscious habits into the gold of heightened awareness, action and achievement. If this work excites you and you wish to learn more there are links to my books and various ways to contact me for personal and professional guidance!

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