Thom's keynote addresses include seminars and workshops given at a number of prestigious institutions. Here's a partial list: Cambridge University, UK (2014), the Jung Society of Vancouver (2013), the Esalen Institute, the American Psychological Association, the Jungian Society of Scholarly Studies, the Los Angeles Jung Institute, the Philosophical Research Society, the Phoenix Jung Club, the Philomon conference at Pacifica Graduate School, the International Alchemy conferences, the Orange County Jung Club, Krotona Theosophical Society, the Scottsdale Art Museum, Unity Church of Tustin, the Bowers Museum, the University Club at the University of California, Irvine and many more community and corporate presentations.

While alchemy is a specialized area of  interest for Thom, he is also well versed in much of Jungian and clinical psychology. Some of his favorite speaking topics include:

  • The Trickster - Friend or Foe?
  • Writing is the Breath Speaking on Paper
  • Synchroncity and Divination
  • The Royal Marriage in the Home
  • Individuation and Enlightenment
  • Osiris, God of Regeneration
  • Jungian Therapy, Making the Unconscious Conscious
  • The Shadow is Within
  • Alchemical Psychology
  • Dreams and Creative Living
  • Late Life Crisis
  • The Myths of our Lives
  • Initiation and the Call to Consciousness
  • Psychopathological Landscapes
  • The Art of Alchemy, the Alchemy of Art
  • Spirituality and Healing the Soul
  • The Meaning of the Mummy
  • The Ways of Power and Leadership


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